A Photographer’s Blog – Part I

A Photographer’s Blog - Part I

Welcome to my photography portfolio page.
They say that if you want to write a good blog you need to start by sharing something to your readers about yourself.
Apparently, this gives your audience a chance to get to know you and draw them into your blog space. I generally find this difficult to do, because I am tempted to feel like I am setting up a resume of some sort. That is something that gives me writers block even thinking about the idea.
So, this is not a resume. This is not a curriculum vitae. This is just an attempt get over to you who I am and to get over writer’s block.

No bells and whistles, here we go.

I am an aspiring Freelance Photographer with passion for people and nature and not always in that order.

I say “aspiring” because I work as a Civil Technician during office hours. My passion for photography only grew after I worked for eight years in construction.

I stay in the town of George in the Western Cape, South Africa with my wife and two dogs. At the time of this blog post my wife is seven months pregnant with our first child.

I started shooting by accident and got drawn into photography because of the intertwining facets of technical and creative found in the art. It gives me great pleasure to solve the visual problems presented by each shoot, whether it is working with people working to get a good portrait or in the field trying to get the right shot at the right time.


Photography also gave me a licence to stare at people and their mannerisms through the lens without being creepy or voyeuristic. Even though people generally don’t like being photographed they are a bit more patient when you stare at them through a camera than without.

I am not creepy, I promise.

“I shouldn’t even like photography “

The art of photography can be simultaneously exhilarating and frustrating.

To be a good photographer you always look for the right moment, the right light and the right setting to try and portray the story you want to tell. And I don’t like looking for stuff, even though I often misplace my wallet or keys. Searching and trying to find anything can be frustrating, especially if you don’t even know if you are going to find it.

So, you can argue that I shouldn’t even like photography…    but I do.

So where am I going with this?

I am not sure. Maybe I go where opportunity leads me.

I would like to have a plan with everything, my photography career included, but it is not always that simple. When I was little I reminder thinking that it would be great to be one of those National Geographic Photographers documenting the wild. I definitely still think it sounds great. But until that day I shoot what I can and what makes me and the people I shoot for happy.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any queries about my work.

I will elaborate a bit more in my next blog entry on what my plans are as photographer and what services I currently offer as freelancer, so please join me for Part 2 of A Photographer’s Blog.

Gerrit Wilsdorf
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