About Gerrit 

Gerrit Wilsdorf is a freelance photographer based the Garden Route, South Africa.


Born in 1986, grew up in Bellville, he currently lives in George, Western Cape with his wife, Lize, and two dogs. They enjoy adventure and love being outdoors. As much as they think themselves to be introverts, they find themselves surrounded by people more than often.


He worked in construction for most of his career, but started pursuing a more creative life through photography over the last four years. His photographic passions range from nature and wildlife; outdoors and adventure to portraits and weddings due to a love for people, being outdoors and experiencing nature the way it was intended to be.

Gerrit’s philosophy is to keep photographs as natural as possible, while still adding enough creative flare to create a beautiful art work of each image. Photographs are taken with the aim of experiencing a scene as when the photograph was taken, not just to be a mere rendering of the facts.